NYC UXPA Accessibility Policy

Why is accessibility important?

Accessibility is important to us. We want to be inclusive to our community and we celebrate diversity. We also pride ourselves in the fact that considering issues of usability and accessibility are a key part of our profession. Thank you to Vine Interpreting for helping us to develop our accessibility policy below.


If you are planning to attend to our event and will need special request for accommodations, we need to be informed at least 2 weeks before the event. To request accommodation, please email us at with the following information listed below:

  • Your full name

  • The best way to contact you

  • Type of service needed

  • Preferred providers list (if applicable)*

  • Name of event you would like to attend

If you have a preferred provider, we will give our best effort to stay within your preferred list of providers, however, If they are not available or if hiring them would present an undue financial burden to our organization, then we will explore possible alternative solutions with you or select a different organization to provide service. If there is any organization or method that is a conflict of interest, please let us know immediately.

Common accommodation requests include:

  • Preferential seating

  • Portable amplification systems

  • Captioned media

  • Sign language interpreters

  • CART services

  • Alternative formats for printed materials


Each event is held at a different location, typically as a donation from different sponsors, so we do not always know the conditions in advance. If you know you will need specific requirements please let us know as early as possible, at least 2 weeks in advance, and we will reach out to the sponsors with your questions and get back to you. Some examples could be requiring an elevator or hallways of a certain minimal width, an entrance of a certain minimal size, an accessible restroom, reserved seating areas, and lighting and acoustic levels. We can also look into childcare needs such as availability of breastfeeding and changing spaces for parents.


Promotional materials include brochures, flyers, event web pages, and email announcements about the event. On all event promotional materials, we will endeavor to include the following statement to ensure accessibility accommodations can be requested in a timely manner:

"Accommodation requests related to a disability should be made at least 2 weeks prior to the event to Read more about our accessibility policy here."


This year, one of our goals is to redesign the website for our organization. We will try to keep to the following goals in mind in our redesign:

  • Make sure text passes color contrast accessibility with a checker such as this one.

  • Use ALT text to describe images

  • Use a “skip to content” link for screen readers or use ARIA landmarks.

  • Offer a magnifying tool (if not available through the browser)

  • Caption and/or transcribe video and audio content whenever possible

  • Use descriptive link text whenever possible

  • Include event accessibility information prominently on the website

  • Supplement color-coding with text/icon coding

  • Consider how screen readers can access foreign language content

  • Avoid or minimize using PDF files, and when you have to use them make them accessible

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