Board of Directors Development 2018

Applications for Directors and Assistant Directors will be collected until August 20, 2018 (deadline extended). 
Link at the end for application form. 

Volunteers of the NYC UXPA at a volunteer workshop

Since its founding in 2001, the NYC UXPA has been lead by a small team of enthusiastic volunteers and three elected officers. 

Beginning this year, 2018, we believe the time has come to make some significant changes to our leadership structure. 

If you'd like to be a Director or Assistant Director, 


Timeline for Board of Directors Development:

 August 20   Application Deadline
 July 20 - September 20   Candidate Interviews
 Early October   New Directors and Assistant Directors Announced
 mid-September   First Board Meeting

A message about the new Board of Directors:

From Melissa McGrath, VP 2017-2018:

Since September of 2017, I have been working behind the scenes to apply the human-centered design process at the organizational level. I conducted interviews with past leaders of the NYC UXPA, leaders of other UXPA chapters around the world, leaders of comparable organizations, and our volunteers to plan a redesign of our organization at the leadership level. To start this process, we have loosely defined new Director-level roles around responsibilities that we believe are critical to our organization's success. We envision these new leadership roles to be adaptive and redefined regularly by both the organization’s needs and individual professional goals and passions.  

Why You Should Apply: 

Contribute meaningfully. Be part of a community that is giving back. Help shape the direction of one of the largest chapter of the UXPA. 

Volunteering is absolutely the secret to networking. Even if you don't want to volunteer for this organization, consider volunteering elsewhere to really boost your professional network. 

Develop your portfolio. For the most part, it's up to you determine how you best want to contribute your skills to the organization. Choose projects that will help you demonstrate your mastery, or learn new skills that will help you build your career path. 


This new Board of Directors should be capable of experimenting in leadership that can adapt to complexity. They should also adopt and refine this new set of values: 

  • Transparency: "default to open." Knowledge about our policies and procedures should be shared by default, unless there is a good reason not to.
  • Prefer experimentation over long-term planning. Prototype when possible!
  • Lead, don't manage. Encourage the development of leadership skills among all volunteers. 
  • Celebrate progress and strengths. As UX professionals, we tend to be quite critical. If we take the time to reflect on the big picture, though, we'll see that we have come quite far. 
  • Advocacy for UX. We must advocate not only for our members as individuals, but for the UX profession as a whole. 
  • Employ emotional intelligence. Embrace vulnerability, authenticity, and nonviolent communication. 
  • Champion a balanced perspective on diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence. Strive to uncover unconscious biases that drive decisions. Maintain a commitment to dismantle the structures that uphold inequality in this organization, at work, and in life. 

Possible Open Roles on the Board of Directors: 

(exact responsibilities will be subject to finalization based on the needs and preferences of the individual nominee for directorship) 

Draft of requirements for all Directors: 

  • Commit to a term of 1 year + 2 months for training a successor if necessary. 
  • Commit to 15-20 hours a month, depending on specific role
  • Attend 75% of our remote bimonthly board meetings
  • Be comfortable with self-management and some ambiguity. This is a time of transition and experimentation. 
Director of Events
  • Plan and execute monthly meetup events around Manhattan with a small team of event planning volunteers

  • Manage budget

  • Follow the existing event planning timeline and improve upon it

  • Oversee site visits to help us maintain our list of venues

Director of Volunteers

Primarily responsible for the recruitment, onboarding, and training of volunteers. The first few months, you will simply be shadowing the officers during weekly leadership meetings, where training and documentation will happen in small chunks over time. This is a perfect role for someone who may want to demonstrate leadership over a team. 
  • Consciously cultivate a culture of diversity and inclusion
  • Measure and drive volunteer engagement
  • Training and Development - Equip volunteers with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in their roles
  • Organize special events for our volunteers: these could be workshops, parties, or open studio tours.
  • Develop and iterate upon volunteer workflows as necessary,

 always with a bias toward experimentation/prototyping over long-term planning.
  • Help to manage volunteers’ event-related assignments with the help of the officers.

Director of Membership
  • Work with officers to develop programming that meets the needs of our members. 

  • Work with the Director of User Experience Research to see that membership experience research is implemented properly. 

  • Recruit new members through targeted campaigns. 

  • Develop and maintain a member FAQ

  • Maintain proper documentation of analytics on our members. 

Director of Content Strategy

  • Responsible for using and maintaining the email templates used for event promotions

       and post-event communications
  • Ensure consistent messaging in all external communication

  • Maintain an editorial style guide

  • Manage social media promotions for events and other messaging.

  • Work with our photographer and videographer to effectively incorporate

  the digital assets they produce.

    Director of Information Architecture
    • Promote a culture of transparency and continuous learning. 
    • At appropriate intervals, update our content inventory. 
    • Own and maintain our internal knowledge base, revising its taxonomy as necessary. 
    • Develop an external knowledge base. 
    • Optimize knowledge management processes for capturing and sharing knowledge. 
    • Assess and manage our knowledge management tools. 
    Director of User Experience Research
    • Work with a small team of volunteers to plan and conduct internal research projects on members, volunteers, sponsors, and others as you see fit. 

    • Collaborate with the Directors of Volunteers and Membership to see that your research insights result in meaningful action.

    • Document the results of your work for our members and other UXPA chapters to access.

    Apply to be a Director

    If you would like to be considered for a role on the Board of Directors please nominate yourself using this form (please note that for this year's Board of Directors, roles will be appointed, not elected): 


    Timeline for Board of Directors Development:

     August 20   Application Deadline
     July 20 - September 20   Candidate Interviews
     Early October   New Directors and Assistant Directors Announced
     mid-September   First Board Meeting

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