Current Team

Since its founding in 2001, the NYC UXPA has been lead by a small team of enthusiastic volunteers who work together to provide high-quality events and opportunities for User Experience professionals and those interested in User Experience Design. 

    Board of Directors: 

    1. Officers (elected positions)

    a. President: Melissa McGrath

    b. Vice President: Farhana Begum

    c. Treasurer: Rob Kovacs

    2. Directors (appointed positions)

    a. Director of Operations: Dayana De La Torre

    b. Director of Events: Leah Zak 

    c. Director of Volunteers: Caitlin Davis

    d. Director of Membership: Mariko Frost

    e. Director of UX Research: Holly Burroughs Cole

    f. Director of Information Architecture: Fernando Gomez

    g. Director of Content Strategy: Jim Griffin

    h. Director of Mentorship: Damy Bhattacharjee

    Additional Leaders: 

    3. Associate Directors

    a. Associate Director of Content Strategy: Murage Macharia

    4. Committees 

    a. Website Redesign Committee Chair: Will Miner

    b. Election Committee Chair: Jodi Shwartz 


    6. Volunteers
    • Chris Tang
    • Damayanti Bhattacharjee
    • Jade Ng
    • Jeremy Watssman
    • Jon Thomas
    • Kerry Beasley
    • Leah Zak
    • Leandro Butteri
    • Maor
    • Masha Bell
    • Nicole LoCicero
    • Rodrigo Sanchez
    • Maor
    • Ruth Neighbors

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