The NYC UXPA Mentorship Program

The goal of the NYC UXPA Mentorship Program is to pair individuals who are looking to break into the field of UX, design, research and strategy with mentors that have experience in the field.

Mentors and Mentees are paired based on overlapping interests, goals, and experiences, and are expected to build a close professional relationship over a period of time.

In the past years we’ve facilitated this program, our mentees have ranged from recent graduates looking to break into UX, to experienced practitioners trying to move into management, and everywhere in between.

Interested in becoming a Mentor?

As a mentor you have an opportunity to share knowledge and experience and give back to the community. You will not only develop and practice a more personal style of leadership but also enhance your skills in coaching, counseling and active listening.

Who can become a mentor?

  • Do you like helping others?

  • Do you have a UX/Design related job?

  • Can you spare at least 5-6 hours per month over 6 months?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, congratulations! You’ve got everything it takes to mentor someone in our program.

Even if you’re a junior practitioner, someone out there is still looking for their first job in UX, and could learn from your experience making that transition.

Are you worried that you don’t have the time? Past mentees have said that over the course of the program, just a few meetings with their mentor, or a few email exchanges, made a huge impact on helping them achieve their career goals.

Maybe you need some self-improvement too? As you teach others the skills that got you this far, you’ll reinforce those same skills in yourself. Also, your experience as a mentor will be invaluable for any current or future management role.

We welcome mentors at all levels in their career.

Want to learn more? Check out the FAQ, or send us an email.

Interested in Becoming a Mentee?

As a mentee you will gain a sharper focus on the skills needed to grow professionally. You will gain career development opportunities and get assistance with ideas and feedback on projects, portfolios etc.
Who can become a mentee?
  • Do you need help with resume and portfolio?

  • Do you want to learn skills that will help you advance in your UX Career?

  • Are you looking for your first UX job?

Whether you’re looking for your first job in the field, wanting to switch from one specialty to another, trying to make the leap from practitioner to manager, or just need some career feedback, we can find someone who can help.

 As a mentee you will identify goals, skills that you want to achieve and work with your mentor to achieve success. We expect the mentees to be serious and committed and respect the mentors time. 

As long as you have clear goals in mind, and can dedicate 4 months to working one-on-one with one of our mentors to achieve your goals, you can be a successful member of our program. 

Want to learn more? Check out the FAQ, or send us an email.

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NYC UXPA Mentorship Program

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