It’s A Story-Rich World: Storytelling For UX, With Whitney Quesenbery

  • 14 Sep 2010
  • 6:00 PM - 8:29 PM
  • 601 West 26th Street, NY, NY 10001 (26th between 11th & 12th)
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In case you missed the international UPA conference in Munich, we’re pleased to bring a part of the conference to you!

Stories are an effective way to collect, analyze and share qualitative information from user research, spark design imagination and help us create usable products. You’ve probably been telling stories all along – but haven’t thought about how to use them effectively as part of our UX practice.

Some of the roles for stories are obvious: to make user research engaging and useful during the design process. But stories are also persuasive and can be a secret communications weapon to get your team (and management) engaged in a new idea, design concept or approach to your work. And you might find participants diving into usability evaluation tasks more eagerly when they are presented as a story they have to finish, instead of a neutrally stated task.

We’ll also look at how and why stories work. Through a brief exercise, you’ll discover how storytelling starts with listening, or the way stories they can efficiently communicate a lot of detail in just a few words.

This isn’t just theory: Whitney will share a few of her own case studies, and will expect to hear some from you as well.

Audience takeaways from this talk include:

  • A look at how and when you can use stories in UX
  • Learn why stories are so persuasive
  • Explore how much practical and cultural information can be communicated in a short narrative
  • Learn how the audience shapes stories and how to shape stories for particular audiences
  • Ideas for how to get started telling your own stories

This talk is geared towards UX professionals who are looking for ways to make your research and design ideas come alive, or to communicate the value of your work more effectively. Whether this is the first time you’ve thought about stories, or you’re already convinced they are a great idea, this talk is an opportunity to hear about how and why they should be part of your UX toolkit — and share your own experiences with stories.

Whitney Quesenbery is a user researcher, user experience practitioner, and usability expert with a passion for clear communication. She works with organizations from the National Cancer Institute to IEEE, Sage and The Open University. She has been president of the UPA and served on two national advisory committees for usability and accessibility. She enjoys meeting people around the world and using those insights to design products where people matter.

Smart Design |

Founded in 1980, Smart Design is a multidisciplinary design consultancy. Smart Design uses insight and innovation to develop consumer products that meet people’s needs, answer market demands, and solve critical manufacturing challenges. Projects are designed with a focus on connecting with the end user and have included OXO Good Grips kitchen tools, the SmartGauge instrument cluster for the Ford Fusion Hybrid, New York City taxi graphics, medical devices for UCB, and HP Photosmart compact photo printers. Its extensive list of clients includes Cardinal Health, Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Samsung, Toyota, and World Kitchen. Please arrive by 6:00 p.m. to allow time for security and registration. Photo ID required for building entry. It must match the name on the registration list.

Rosenfeld Media,, has donated copies of Whitney Quesenbery and Kevin Brooks' book, Storytelling for User Experience:Crafting Stories for Better Design for our event. Copies will be given out through a raffle, so please bring your business cards to participate. 

Also, Loop 11 has also generously donated trial samples of their usability product to every attendee of the event.  Loop 11 is an online and DIY usability testing tool. It allows usability professionals to conduct remote, unmoderated usability testing on any website. For more information, please visit their site at

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