Meet the Officers 2017-2018


Rob Kovacs
UX Design Consultant

Statement: The NYC UX community is unique in terms of how welcoming it is to new members, and how interested we all are in seeing one another succeed.

I was the beneficiary of that generosity when I was mentored in the first round of the NYC UXPA Mentorship Program, and ever since I've tried to return the favor by helping to run that program, and by volunteering at NYC UXPA events.

As Treasurer, I would aim to keep the organization running smoothly so that everyone who makes the NYC UXPA great - the other officers, volunteers, members, and supporters - can keep doing what they do best.

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Vice President

Melissa McGrath
UX Designer, Freelance. 

Statement: I've been a member and volunteer of the NYC UXPA for nearly two years now. This fall, I'll be graduating with my M.S. in Information Architecture and Knowledge Management and I'm always keen to share and experiment what I've been learning with other UX Designers. 
I have some big ideas about how to increase engagement with the NYC UXPA community that I'm excited to collaboratively implement. While working to continue to deliver the same caliber of educational and inspiring events, I'd love to see the NYC UXPA expand into new roles. I'm specifically excited about how we might work together to elevate the profession as a whole. 
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Elaine Matthias
Experience Designer, Rosenfeld Media

Elaine MatthiasExperience: At Rosenfeld Media, my role is to bring a combination of strategic thinking and project management to developing services and products for UX professionals. I enjoy this position because I spend much of my time fostering collaboration within the UX community. Whether I am working with Rosenfeld Media authors, attendees of the Enterprise UX conference, or other UX practitioners from diverse backgrounds, I have experience with the multiple touchpoints within a diverse community and feel uniquely qualified to inject energy into the NYC UXPA community.

Vision: I envision my role with NYC UXPA as an initiator. I’ll continue Ligja’s great work by building strong speaker and sponsor relationships, as well as fostering our growing mentorship program. Additionally, I’ll explore new channels to help our members stay connected with the best local resources for UX practitioners, including email outreach, capacity building workshops, and business partnerships.

Learn more about Elaine at LinkedIn.

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