Mentorship Program FAQ

Why are you providing a mentorship program for NYC UXPA members?

Our goals are:

  • To give motivated NYC UXPA members more opportunities to take part in the UX community.

  • To provide social interaction and professional development opportunities for members, regardless of experience.

  • To offer help to our less-experienced members looking for UX guidance and practical experience.

  • To help experienced members further hone their leadership and other professional skills.

    How does the application process work?

    Step 1: Application

    We are accepting Mentor and Mentee applications through December 12, 2020.

    Step 2: Matching

    We'll review applications and Mentors and Mentees will be informed of their partnership by December 20, 2020 via email.

    The program coordinators will match accepted applications using a combination of mentors' and mentees':

    • Shared interests or career experiences
    • Communication preferences
    • Location
    • Availability

    Step 3: Orientation

    If matched, you will be invited for an orientation program. Attending orientation is the one thing every participant (mentor or mentee) must do. We'll discuss what the program is, what it isn't, and how to get the most out of it. This helps set expectations, which will help participants define realistic goals.

    Ongoing Program Activities

    How does the program work once I have a match?

    This is a three month program from January - March 2021. Both mentors and mentees should consider how they can maximize their experience, by creating a plan or setting milestones along the way.

    Mentors and mentees will determine their own meeting schedules. We don't have any formal requirements, but we suggest touching base at least once a month.

    We'll also have a Slack channel for group communications - sharing:

    • Resources (e.g., articles, local events)
    • Job postings
    • General knowledge or discussion

    Is it possible to be a Mentor and a Mentee at the same time?

    In theory, yes. In reality, the demand for mentors far outweighs the supply. A potential mentor is much easier to match with a mentee than the reverse, based on numbers alone. For example, in 2018, the mentor:mentee application ratio was 1:7.

    Must I be a member of the NYC UXPA to apply for this program?

    Yes, the program is only for NYC UXPA members, you must sign up for an NYC UXPA membership before orientation if you're accepted into the program.

    What if I don't get matched in this cycle?

    Remember that for every cycle, the demand for mentors far outweighs the supply. If we can't find a match, that's by no means just a reflection of your qualifications.

    We will keep your application on file and notify you about upcoming cycles. In the next cycle, you'll be able to make updates to your application, rather than start from scratch.

    Keep your head up, and keep exploring other ways to develop your UX skills!

    What if things don't work out with this program?

    Sometimes it's not a perfect match... Or sometimes, life happens and you need to cut back on your commitments. But we're here to help. Email us at, and we'll help you figure out the best solution.

    What if I have a question that's not answered here?

    You can shoot the Mentorship Program Coordinators an email at

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    FAQ For Mentors

    What are the qualifications for becoming a mentor?

    • You have spent your professional time practicing UX design, research, and/or strategy, or other related disciplines in the UX field.
    • You have the desire to help others.
    • You want to challenge yourself, and further develop your leadership and other professional skills.

    Even if you've just landed your first job in UX, you can still be a mentor. Your experience and insights will be valuable for someone who's still trying to break in. Additionally, you will grow and learn from your experience as a mentor. We will find a mentee for you!

    What are my obligations if I take part?

    1. Attend Program Orientation.

    2. Join our Slack Channel. Our private Slack channel is the main way we'll communicate as a group. This includes the sharing of articles, local events, job postings, general knowledge, and more. You will receive a Slack invitation shortly before Orientation.

    Beyond these, it will be up to you and your mentee to shape your participation and experience in the program. If your mentee is shy, try starting small. Ask them to meet for coffee, to join you at an NYC UXPA event, or just send them an interesting article. We find that each mentor/mentee pair has a unique dynamic, based on the mentee's goals.

    What do you recommend I do with my mentee as part of this program?

    Keep your mentee's goals in mind, and guide them further in the right direction.

    For example, suggest books, websites or events of interest to your mentee.

    Share your perspective on a wide range of topics.

    These might include:

    • networking
    • identifying opportunities
    • innovation
    • hiring practices
    • your work experience
    • company structure
    • managing client relationships
    • workflow
    • tools of the trade
    • productivity
    • impact of your work
    • offering support and encouragement when appropriate

    We don't recommend:

    • Doing your mentee's work for them.
    • Giving your mentee grunt work.
    • Giving your mentee feedback that may interfere with their professional workflow or workplace politics.
    • Sharing sensitive information from your own practice.

    What will I get from participating in this program?

    Besides giving back and contributing to the UX community, benefits include:

    • Opportunities to meet and interact with other mentors and mentees from all areas of UX.
    • Chances to further hone your leadership skills. For example, you'll have opportunities to lead discussions or presentations at our meetups.

    How am I matched to a mentee?

    We do our best to find a matching mentee based on information in your application. The application will ask for your interests, experience, location, availability, communication preferences, and more. 

    FAQ for Mentees

    What qualifies me to be a mentee?

    • You are an NYC UXPA member. (Note: you don't have to be a member at the time you submit your application, but you will have to become an NYC UXPA member if you're matched with a mentor.)
    • You have specific career goals that need help from a more experienced UX professional.
    • You're ready to make the most of your opportunity over the course of the entire three-month program.

    Past mentees we've accepted into the program include:

    • Recent graduates, UX students, or non-UX professionals, transitioning into to UX.
    • UX professionals in one area of UX who want to transition to another (e.g., from UX design to UX research).
    • UX professionals moving into leadership or senior roles in their workplace.

    How can I get the most out of having a mentor?

    Be clear about what your goals are going into the program.

    Your goals will drive your experience throughout the program. Make it easier for your mentor to help you.

    Prepare an agenda with specific topics for your meetings or discussions with your mentor.

    Suggested topics for discussion include:
    • networking
    • identifying opportunities
    • innovation
    • hiring practices
    • work experience
    • company structure
    • client relationships
    • workflow
    • tools of the trade
    • productivity
    • impact of their work

    It's up to you what questions you ask.

    Take responsibility for fostering the relationship with your mentor.

    Mentors have applied to this program because they want to help you further your goals. But mentors are not mind readers and are often busy (a side effect of advancing in this field). You, the mentee, are responsible for keeping the lines of communication open.

    The mentees who have gotten the most value out of this program are the ones who take the initiative.

    Respect your mentor's boundaries.

    Many mentors are often forthcoming and candid about their work. But your mentor is not required to share sensitive or private information with you.

    What are my obligations if I take part?

    1. Attend Program Orientation

    2. Join our Slack Channel. Our private Slack channel is the main way we'll communicate as a group. This includes the sharing of articles, local events, job postings, general knowledge, and more. You will receive a Slack invitation shortly before Orientation.

    Your success will depend on how much you take advantage of this opportunity. Take some time to establish your goals, so your mentor knows what you're hoping to achieve. The three months will go faster than you think! We find that each mentor/mentee pair has their own unique dynamic based on the mentee's goals.

    What will I get out of participating in the program?

    • Personalized attention and feedback from an experienced UX professional.

    • The chance to develop professional relationships by meeting other mentors/mentees at the optional meetups.

    • Other gifts after completion of program as a token of our appreciation.

    How am I matched to a mentor?

    The only information we have to match you with a suitable mentor is what you provide on your application. The more detail and personality you can provide, the better your chances are of being matched. For instance, one word answers to open-ended questions won't give us much to work with to try to find you a match.

    • Matching criteria include your interests, experience, location, availability to meet, communication preferences, and more.

    • We'll let you know which mentor, if any, matches your experience and interests.

    • Once you and your mentor approve the match, we'll introduce you via email

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