The NYC chapter of the User Experience Professionals' Association (NYC UXPA) seeks to gather members of the user experience, design, technology, research, and academic communities who share a common vision: creating websites, applications, and products that are compelling, intuitive and user-friendly. By bringing together professionals from different industries and disciplines and sharing our collective experiences, the NYC UXPA provides a forum for learning and professional growth.


  1. Human centricity over bureaucracy. We believe that human-centered work is best supported by human-centered organizations that celebrate autonomy. 

  2. Transparency: “default to open,” knowledge is democratizing and should be shared, unless there is a good reason not to. 

  3. Experimentation over long term planning: we adopt a systems thinking lens which helps us manage complex, not complicated problems dynamically.

  4. Lead, don’t manage. Encourage the development of leadership amongst all volunteers.

  5. Celebration of progress and strengths. As UX professionals, we tend to be quite critical. If we take the time to reflect on the big picture, though, we’ll see that we have come quite far. 

  6. Advocacy for not only our members, but for our profession as a whole. 

  7. Emotional intelligence. Embrace vulnerability, nonviolent communication, authenticity. 

  8. Diversity, Inclusion, and Cultural Competence. Strive to uncover unconscious biases that drive decisions. Maintain a commitment to dismantle the structures that uphold inequality in this organization, at work, and in life. 

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