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Experience Metrics That Drive Action

Sharon Tomer shares what to measure to run a modern product management practice.

December 1, 2020

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Leading Through Mentorship

Developing your UX Leadership Skills with Christy Wedge, NYC UXPA Director of Mentorship.

November 19, 2020

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Changing Your Career to UX

Swati Nikumb, Kellie Porter, Michael Suen and Wesley Ham shared a history or AR/VR and provided links to where you can try it out yourself.

July 23, 2020

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UX Guidelines for AR & Case Studies

Kevin Park shared a history or AR/VR and provided links to where you can try it out yourself.

June 18, 2020

Presentation pdf

Working as a UX Team of One

Tamora Petitt, Bernard Boey and Diana Kusunoki spoke to their experiences and lessons learned working as the solo UX practitioner on their team or organization.

May 6, 2020

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Ask A Recruiter

Rebecca Levi (Joanne Weaver Group), Jared Tredly (Salt) and Lois Seigel (UX Hires), joined us to answer attendee questions about job hunting during COVID-19, getting your foot in the UX door and best practices and tips for working with recruiters.

April 1, 2020

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Designing & Scaling Your UX Career
Sarah Doody, UX Designer, Entrepreneur and Founder of The UX Notebook, shared out strategies for designing your career in UX.
April 30, 2019


The UX Strategy Blueprint
Jim Kalbach, independent consultant and author, shared his UX Strategy Blueprint, a repeatable framework to help teams develop an effective UX strategy.
June 9, 2015

Land Your UX Dream Job/Résumé Speed Dating
Ashley Hemingway of AppNexus shared tips on how to improve your résumé and portfolio, followed by résumé "speed dating" with a panel of UX recruiters and managers.
May 5, 2015

Why Isn't Innovation Happening
Mona Patel of Motivate Design introduced some of the techniques to help UX team and clients overcome internal corporate blocks and personal barriers.
April 7, 2015

Turning UX Managers Into UX Leaders
Joshua Seiden, Christopher Fahey, Lawrence Lipkin, and Karen Pascoe discussed their unique perspectives on the key challenges facing today’s UX Manager or senior practitioner.
February 17, 2015


World Usability Day 2014: Engagement
300 UX professionals from Bloomberg, AppNexus, the NYC UXPA and the IxDA of New York City gathered for World Usability Day 2014 on Thursday, November 13th. Our all-star team of UX rock stars shared their perspectives on engagement models in user experience.
November 13, 2014

Measuring the User Experience: A Workshop on Usability Metrics

Bill Albert covers all the common UX metrics, plus metrics that are lesser known but equally effective. The strengths and limitations of each metric, when to use (and not use) each one, and how to present usability data in a simple yet compelling way are also covered.
October 24, 2014

The Evolution of User Research and Usability Testing: A Forty-Year Perspective

Tom Tullis of Fidelity Investments take us through an amazing journey through the brief, yet rich history of usability research; from the origins of the human factors field in World War II to some of the commercial tools and techniques for conducting different flavors of online user research.
August 26, 2014

Scaling UX: Why Context Matters When it Comes to the Methods We Choose

Josh Evnin discuss what context is, what it means and why it matters - not only for user experience decisions, but also when it comes to methods we employ on projects and with our clients. 
July 22, 2014

Validating Product Ideas with Quick and Simple Experiments

Grace Ng, Co-Founder of, shares a structured process for designing effective experiments, and talk about some of the common pitfalls and challenges teams face when running experiments in their companies.
May 27, 2014

A Journey of Design Transformation

Bob Schukai, Global Head of Mobile Technology at Thomson Reuters, will talk about the extraordinary journey that the corporation embarked on 3 years ago to transform its culture.
April 22, 2014
Video (Vimeo)  | Photos (Flickr) 


Bringing Together User Experience and Web Analytics

Michael Beasley discusses why web analytics should be an important tool for user experience professionals to add to their toolkit.
March 25, 2014

5 Star User Experience: What Going Out to Eat Teaches Us About UX Design
Jimmy Chandleran independent UX Architect, explains what eating out can teach us about UX Design.
February 25, 2014

UX Skills Only Get You So far: Get Out There to Advance Your Career!

Cory Lebson will share his knowledge of the UX world to help you make decisions about how to move beyond your comfort zone and increase your career potential. 
January 28, 2014
Video (Vimeo) | Photos (Flickr) 


World Usability Day 2013 Undefined Healthcare: Collaborating for Better Systems

An all-star team of presenters share a variety of perspectives and initiatives in digital healthcare.
November 14, 2013

Realizing Empathy: The Empathy Workshop by Seung Chan Lim

Seung Chan Lim, a Digital Creative Professional for over 10 years - presents some of the findings from his book called "Realizing Empathy: An Inquiry Into the Meaning of Making". He elaborates on his notion that a creative process is essentially a process of realizing empathy
October 15, 2013

Getting to Know the "Newly Mobile Senior Set"

Tammy Sachs presents the results of a research effort, which incorporated quantitative and qualitative methods to uncover the motivations, activities, personas and learning of this exciting  group of ‘seniors’.
September 17, 2013
Photos (Flickr) 

Fasten Your Seatbelts: The Challenges of Providing In-Flight Streaming Media and Wi-­Fi to Smart Devices

Jonathan Norris
speaks about the dramatic rise in popularity of smart phones and tablets, coupled with passengers' desire to always be connected, has challenged traditional inflight entertainment systems.
July 23, 2013


If Life Gives You Limes, Make Mojitos: Dealing With Difficult UX Research Stakeholders
Tomer Sharon, user experience researcher at Google Search and the author of the book, It's Our Research (2012), introduces the different stakeholders of UX research and their perspectives.
March 20, 2012

The Airline Passenger Experience Continuum
Jonathan Norris 
talks about similarities between airline's approach to passenger experience and the UX field.
February 22, 2012
Video (YouTube) | Photos (Flickr) | Deck (6.6MB PDF)

Become a Presentation Superstar!
Stephen Gates
Stephen shares highlights from his Starwood course on presenting like a pro.
January 24, 2012
Video (YouTube) | Transcript (DOC) Photos (Flickr) | Deck (2.6MB PDF)


World Usability Day, Sponsored by Bloomberg
Theme: Education ~ Designing for Social Change Panel Discussion & Moderated QA session
November 10, 2011 Video (YouTube) | Transcript (DOC) | Photos (Flickr)

An Evening With Luke Wroblewski Luke provides his Mobile First! presentation for the NYC UPA audience
October 18, 2011
Video (YouTube)Transcript (DOC) | Photos (Flickr)

"Whaddaya Mean, I'm Not Qualified?"

A Discussion on Roles & Experience In The UX Industry - Plus -
"Speed Dating for your Résumé" 2-part event: 1hr panel discussion followed by 1hr resume & portfolio review session
September 20, 2011 Video (Vimeo) | Transcript (DOC) | Photos (Flickr)

Mobile & UX: Inside The Eye of the Perfect Storm
Jared Spool (User Interface Engineering)
July 11, 2011 Transcript (DOC) | Photos (Flickr) | Slides (HTML) | Highlighted slide: Skills for UX Design

How To Make Your Website As Addictive As World Of Warcraft
Noah Schaffer (Human Factors International)
June 14, 2011 Video (Vimeo) | Video with captions | Photos (Flickr) | Slides (PPT, 34MB)

Case Study: UX Designer Re-Invents Video Content Management System That Enables Employees To Go Home At a Reasonable Hour
Dmitry Zak (NBC Universal)
May 17, 2011 Video (Vimeo) | Transcript (DOC) | Photos (Flickr) | Slides (Dropbox)

Multimedia Storytelling For The
Andrew DeVigal
April 18, 2011
Andrew is an innovative leader in digital journalism. As the multimedia editor at The New York Times, he has pioneered efforts to redefine multimedia journalism and pushed the medium in telling and explaining stories by working collaboratively across the newsroom and recruiting top talent from a wide range of industries from interactive programmers to radio broadcast journalists and leading award-winning editorial projects.
Andrew's presentation slides

How Starwood Builds Emotional Connections and Brand Loyalty Online
Stephen Gates
March 15, 2011
Stephen is a designer and second-generation creative director who is currently the Senior Creative Director for Starwood Hotels & Resorts where he leads global digital design and branding for their 9 brands including W Hotels, Westin, Sheraton, and St. Regis.
Video (Vimeo) | Transcript (MSWord, 286KB) | Presentation (PPT, 21MB)

A Discussion On The Future Of Financial Services For The Retail Customer
Ted Booth
February 15, 2011 Ted designs technology products and services but cares more about people than technology in the end. He is the Interaction Design Director in Smart’s New York office, leading the design of new experiences for a wide range of consumer electronics, mobile devices and networked services. In this presentation, Ted discusses how the current climate of broken trust between people and banks has given rise to a new breed of nimble financial service providers.
Video (Vimeo)

Lean UX: Getting Out Of The Deliverables Business
Jeff Gothelf
January 18, 2011 Jeff is a user experience designer based in metro NYC. He has spent his career designing engaging experiences for clients big and small. He is currently the Director of User Experience at where he helps executive jobseekers and recruiters make meaningful connections with each other.
Presentation (SlideShare) | Video playlist (YouTube)


World Usability Day, Sponsored by Bloomberg, November 11, 2010 Every second Thursday of November, people from around the world unite to promote the need for user-friendly designs, products, and services. Our presenters shared perspectives on communication in three different fields: Elizabeth Rosenzweig from digital technology and user experience, Sylvia Harris from visual design and citizen advocacy, and John Hockenberry from syndicated media and journalism.
Sylvia Harris's slides (PDF, 25MB) | Citizen Designer Facebook page | World Usability Day video playlist (YouTube)

Douglas Van Duyne, October 19, 2010 Douglas van Duyne, author of the UX best-seller The Design of Sites: Patterns for Creating Winning Websites and author of a seminar series called GameFraming, showed us how to reconnect with the sense of play you were born with, and how you can apply it to your practice as a UX professional. Presentation (zip)

Whitney Quesenbery, September 14, 2010 Whitney Quesenbery is a user researcher, user experience practitioner, and usability expert with a passion for clear communication. She is the co-author of Storytelling for User Experience (Rosenfeld Press, 2010).
Presentation (Slideshare)

Nate Bolt, June 29, 2010 Nate Bolt is an artist, entrepreneur, and co-author of the recently-published book, Remote Research: Real Users, Real Time, Real Research (Rosenfeld Press, 2010). As president of Bolt | Peters, Nate has overseen user research studies for clients such as Sony, Oracle, HP, Greenpeace, and Electronic Arts.
Presentation (PDF)

Felipe Memoria, June 15, 2010 The iPad has been just as liberating and invigorating for designers as it has been for users. But designers have also been forced to make substantial adjustments to their design methodologies, as they strive to take full advantage of the new tablet form. Felipe gives us his take on the beauty of the iPad.
Presentation (zip, 48MB)

Jared M. Spool, January 19, 2010
Jared M. Spool, Founding Principle of User Interface Engineering shared his insights gained through his extensive research on
Presentation (Slideshare) | Transcript (provided by ACS Captions).


Mary Michaels, June 16, 2009
Mary M. Michaels of Human Factors International explains how good usability means a good return on investment (ROI), ensuring that dollars are wisely spent, especially in this difficult economic climate.
Presentation (PPT, 18MB)

Dan Brown, May 19, 2009
Dan, founder and principal of Eight Shapes, reprised his popular IA Summit 2009 presentation on "Difficult Conversations in Creative Environments".
Presentation (Slideshare)

Professor Ben Shneiderman, April 21, 2009
Professor Shneiderman, founding director of the Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Maryland, spoke about the "Reader-to-Leader Framework" to help researchers and designers understand social media and accelerate participation.
Presentation (HTML) | Learn more about the HCIL's annual symposium.

Marko Hurst, February 17, 2009 Marko spoke about a new method for incorporating quantitative data such as web analytics and business intelligence into your qualitative user experience deliverables.
Designing Outcomes For Usability (PPT)

Andrew DeVigal, January 27, 2009
Andrew, the multimedia editor for The New York Times, presented case studies from his company and showed how they tell interactive stories online.
Andrew's blog


Lon Taylor, October 28, 2008
As the Principal Usability Consultant at First Insights, Lon has spent the past fifteen years cultivating his usability, marketing and advertising skills by achieving measurable results for Fortune 500 firms and successful start-ups. With wealth of experience and knowledge, Lon offers clients a straightforward approach to helping them meet their objectives.
Presentation (PPT) | Live moderator videos from the Campaign 2008 project.

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