Interested In Presenting?

Here are a few guidelines for presenting with us.

Who comes to NYC UXPA events?

Our audience consists of working professionals, students, and anyone else interested in improving the quality of a customer's interaction with a product or service he or she designs. Our community welcomes people from all industries and all experience levels. Most attendees are NYC-based, but we also have a lot of visitors from the Bay Area and the UK. 

Presentations are usually geared around the digital/interactive industry, but talks related to industrial design are also welcome.

A typical event breaks out roughly as follows:

60% corporate professionals, which can be further roughly broken out to:
  • Financial services
  • Pharma & health
  • Publishing
  • Telecomm
  • Retail & luxury goods
  • Creative agency
The remaining 40% is split between:
  • Consultant/freelance/startups
  • In-between jobs/searching
  • College students (usually graduate-level)
Numbers are approximate, based on audience questionnaires from 2009-present.

When are NYC UXPA events?

Most presentations take place in the evening, on the third Tuesday of every month. We do offer Saturday workshops once or twice a year. We usually take December and one summer month off to rest, recharge, and plan. 

Where do NYC UXPA events take place?

NYC UXPA doesn't have a permanent "home" at this time, therefore we depend on the generosity of our community to provide venues. Venues typically range from agencies to educational institutions. We're open to discussing hosting opportunities with anyone who can offer a space that can accommodate 60-200 people plus excellent audiovisual capabilities. Manhattan venues are preferred.

What are NYC UXPApresentations like? 


Our evening events are typically made up of...
  • a single presenter with a laptop
  • a two-person presentation team with a laptop
  • a moderated panel discussion of up to 4 people, with our without visuals
  • a moderated interview


Microphone capabilities depend on the host venue. Some venues offer lapel mikes, others offer hand-held microphones only. 

Presentations can be on a Mac or PC. There is no restriction upon software used to create a presentation (PowerPoint and Keynote are most common), however we do ask that a copy of the presentation be made available for download to our audience, preferably in PDF format.

Start Time & Length

Evening presentations are timed to accommodate people who are just getting off work. Check-in registration and pre-event networking begins around 6pm; chapter announcements run from 6:45pm until 7:00pm, and presentations run either 45 minutes or an hour, depending on content; all presenters should expect to allow 15 minutes of Q & A, followed by closing announcements and sponsor raffles (if applicable). 

Depending on length, Saturday workshops start anywhere from 9AM to 11AM and typically don't run past 4pm.


Our Philosophy

There are two goals for every presentation:
  1. Provide "Kick the boss's door down" excitement about something freshly learned
  2. Teach our audience a practical skill or principle that can be applied immediately

Presenters should:

  • Provide case studies about UX challenges, problem-solving, and trends.
  • Offer a talk that is narrow and deep as opposed to wide and shallow, although this rule has been successfully broken at times.
  • Offer presentations that are heavy on visuals. 
  • Offer metrics and data to back up your story if/when appropriate, although presentations need not be overly quantitative.

Presenters shouldn't:

  • Offer text-only "conference room" presentations which are read to the audience.
  • Include stories or screenshots from confidential projects that are unlikely to be approved for sharing.
  • Actively plug their company's services as part of the talk. If the presenter's company is providing space for the talk, promotion of that company's products and services must be restricted to the opening and/or closing announcements, and to the website.
  • Rely heavily on video clips.


To ensure the best possible outcome for our presenters and audience, NYC UXPA reviews all presentations 1-2 weeks in advance, in person or via WebEx.

General Policies

Our evening presenters speak for NYC UXPA on a pro bono basis. Saturday presenters work with NYC UXPA on a case-by-case basis to arrange compensation.

We photograph and videorecord events for sharing on social media channels.

We require our presenters to provide a copy of their slide deck that is safe for audience distribution, preferably in PDF format. This will be posted to our website or other channels after the event is over.


If you're interested in presenting for us, please contact Please include a short abstract of your proposed talk, your bio, and a head shot. 

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