Tuesday, May 22

Atomic Research: Foundations, Concepts, and Tools

User research is fundamentally changing. In a time when executives and other business leaders have trouble seeing people, can’t make a direct connection between their customers’ experience and business performance, and can’t get clear answers to questions such as, “What do we know about x?”, then things must take a different direction. Atomic Research is an approach to managing research knowledge that redefines the atomic unit of a research insight. Instead of reports, slide decks, and dashboards, the new atomic unit of a research insight is a nugget. During this talk, Tomer will introduce the approach, walk through examples for using it, and discuss available tools.

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Tomer Sharon is a Managing Director, Head of User Research and Metrics at Goldman Sachs. Tomer is a leading voice in design thinking, UX, and lean research methodology. Previously, Tomer was Head of UX at WeWork. He is author of the books, Validating Product Ideas (2016) and It’s Our Research (2012). Earlier in his career, Tomer was Senior UX Researcher at Google, focused on research for core search results. He has mentored organizations on user research methodology, has given keynotes, and taught workshops in 13 countries. Tomer earned an MS in Human Factors in Information Design from Bentley University.

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