Tuesday, September 26

Leveling Up with Design Ops

Design organizations have been maturing dramatically and quickly over the last few years. We have been honing our processes that we know make us better individual designers. But properly building a design organization requires a entirely different set of skills.

Join us on September 26 for a panel discussion of examples of design operations in practice and how they help organizations deliver better value for the people they serve.

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Registration closed! See you tonight!

Past Events

August 2017

UX for your UX Portfolio

Danni Fisher from Squarespace talked about portfolios for different types of levels of UXers, and how to make them happen with Squarespace!

See photos and video from the event!

June 2017

Great User Research in an Agile World

Three members of the Bloomberg UX team share how they're solving the challenges of Agile in a large enterprise. 

See video from the event!

May 2017

Designing Better Services by Drawing People Instead of Boxes

Leo Heng led this two hour workshop on using drawing as a communication tool to express shared goals.

See photos from the event!

April 2017

Solving the Big Problems -The UX of Medicare with Elizabeth Rosenzweig

Elizabeth Rosenzweig showcased how her strategic thinking played a central role in iterative development of sections of medicare.gov.

See slidesvideo and photo from the event!

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