Tuesday, June 26 12:00pm EDT


CPUX: A Serious European Attempt at Certifying People Who are Interested in UX 

Let's talk about UX certification. Rolf Molich is a witty, "UX-famous" usability expert who's worked with Jakob Nielsen. Now he wants to teach us about CPUX, a UX certification program that's taken off in Europe.

With more than 3,000 people certified since its launch in 2014 and about 30 independent, recognized training providers, CPUX is a successful European UX certification program driven by volunteers. Could it be successful here? 

This presentation will tell you what you should demand of a serious and useful UX certification program. You will learn what CPUX teaches and see sample certification questions. The presentation will openly discuss CPUX’s successes, the challenges we are facing, and what our students are saying.

Presentation by

Rolf Molich

Rolf is vice president of the UXQB, which develops and maintains the CPUX-certification. He also owns and manages DialogDesign, a tiny Danish usability consultancy.

Rolf has worked with usability since 1984. Before that he worked as a successful software engineer.

Rolf is the co-inventor of the heuristic evaluation method (with Jakob Nielsen).

In 2014, Rolf received the UXPA Lifetime Achievement Award from the User Experience Professionals Association for his persistent work on the Comparative Usability Evaluation project, which has shed light upon how practitioners do usability testing in the real world.

Rolf not only talks about usability – he also attempts to practice it in his talks and workshops. He is particularly proud of the fact that his users – 250 students at the University of Copenhagen – named him ”Teacher of the Year” in 2014 for his usable and sometimes even humorous teaching style.


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