Why Join?

Benefits of Membership

Our organization is a great way to meet new people. Also, some events have limited registration: our members get the opportunity to register before the general public. And once a year, members choose their President, Vice President, and Treasurer through an election process.

Annual members also get access to our Member Directory.

What is a Usability Professional?

A rough definition of a usability professional is someone who tests the interaction between a user and an application or product, measures the results, and presents findings to a team,  client, or to executive management. This is usually done to set a baseline, discover areas for improvement, validate changes, or some combination of all of these. Usability testing can be iterative, depending upon the size of a project, and it can be as formal or informal as the project environment allows. A core concept of usability involves testing with prototypes before any live code is deployed.

Who are NYC UXPA members?

NYC UXPA currently has over 450 annual members, and a mailing list over 1300. Most of our members are from New York and New Jersey, although we do have a few members from the Bay Area and the UK. Members are not required to be official usability professionals; our membership includes information architects, visual designers, interaction designers, coders, marketing analysts, project managers, generalists, industrial designers, and director-level leaders. Our events also attract people from outside the internet industry such as knowledge management professionals, recruiters, and students.

All that is needed to join is an interest of creating products that meet the needs of the people who work or play with them. NYC UXPA is committed to providing an environment where experienced usability professionals and newcomers to the industry can improve their knowledge of the industry and build social networks at the same time.

What we offer

We host events approximately once a month, featuring speakers, panels, or workshops that cover topics related to the user experience industry. Event topics range from e-commerce to social media to research. Some events are introductory, and others are more of a deep-dive into a specific discipline, such as usability metrics or eye-tracking.

Who comes to the events?

We won't turn away anyone from any industry who could benefit from learning more about good user experience practices. In addition to consultants, freelancers, and students, our audience members come from the following companies:

Alliance Bernstein
Consumer Reports
Darleon Inc.
Direct Brands, Inc.
Dow Jones
Ernst & Young LLP
Food Network
Frog Design, Inc.
Goldman Sachs

Google Inc.
HarperCollins Publishers
Human Factors International
JP Morgan Chase
Medco Health Solutions
Morgan Stanley

New York Media
New York University
Ralph Lauren
RedCats USA
Scripps Networks Interactive
Showtime Networks
Sony Music
TD Ameritrade
The Economist Group
The McGraw-Hill Companies
Thomson Reuters
Warshaw Group

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